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Through The Bible C2000 Series

The C2000 Commentaries represent Pastor Chuck’s messages Through The Bible delivered from 1979 to 1986, formerly known as the 5000 series. Free MP3 Streaming, Downloads and Study notes through the entire Bible

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Calvary Chapel Distinctives

What is it that makes Calvary Chapel different from other Bible-believing, evangelical churches? It’s always good to have a grasp of the unique work that God has done in our fellowship. If Calvary Chapel is exactly like the church across the street it would be better to simply merge the two. But, if there are Distinctives that make us different, then we have a unique and special place in the plan of God….

harvest smallHarvest

In these pages, you are going to read the incredible, indeed, almost unbelievable accounts of men with varied, wild, and even Satanic backgrounds, with one thing in common. They were touched by the grace of God and now are being used to touch thousands of other lives. As you read, you will no doubt wonder how these men, who for the most part had no formal education for the ministry, were able to go out and build churches ranging in size from several thousand to ten thousand members.

lw smallLiving Water

The purpose of this book is to help you get to know the Holy Spirit so that you might enjoy a full, rich relationship with Him. It is my earnest desire to so present His glory and beauty that you will seek to yield your life fully to Him, knowing and personally experiencing His grace, His love, His power, and His gifts

wgce smallWhy Grace Changes Everything

Have you ever pondered the significance of the simple phrase, “God loves you”? It may embody the most important truth anyone can grasp: that God has called us into a loving relationship with Himself. Our part is simply to trust and believe in the deep care and compassion God freely extends to us. This book takes a closer look at Gods Grace…

hmcbba smallHow Can A Man Be Born Again?

How does someone become “born again”, and just what does “born again” mean? Chuck Smith digs into the third chapter of the book of John to build a logical and biblical study of the term and condition and presents a Gospel message to the reader.

aft smallAnswers For Today

Jesus Christ never intended for His people to be taken by surprise at His coming. He intends for you to be totally aware of the time of His return, so that you would be watching, waiting, and ready when He comes again. Scriptures that refer to His coming again as “a thief in the night” do not refer to the way the Church will experience His return, but to the way the world will see it…

caatwog smallCalvinism, Arminianism & The Word of God

What does it mean to be a part of the growing number of Calvary Chapel Fellowships? There are certain distinctions that cause us to stand out among other evangelical churches. We could point to our shared commitment to systematic Bible teaching or the emphasis upon love that transcends all cultural and ethnic barriers….

cvc smallCharisma vs. Charismania

Charisma is a beautiful, natural anointing of God’s Spirit upon a person’s life, enabling him or her to do the work of God. It is that special dynamic of God’s Spirit by which a person seems to radiate God’s glory and love. Charismania is an endeavor in the flesh to simulate charisma. It is any effort to do the work of the Spirit in the energies or abilities of the flesh – the old, selfish nature of a person….

cfr smallChristian Family Relationships

Most of us desire to live a well-balanced life. To this end it is important to realize that a man’s life exists on two planes – horizontal and vertical. On the horizontal plane we relate to one another. On the vertical plane we relate to God. These two planes are on a fixed, center axis…

tcoc smallThe Claims of Christ

A look at some of the radical claims that Jesus has made concerning Himself. Including His claim that those who do not believe in Him will be judged by the word that He has spoken. And that believing upon Him was equivalent to believing the One who sent Him, or upon the Father. Over and over, He avowed that God sent Him.

cftwm smallComfort for Those Who Mourn

What is life? What is death? Is there life after death? These questions are buried deep in the mind of every man. We often push these questions into our sub-conscious, but they have a way of surfacing to the conscious level every now and then, and we usually mull them over for a while before we return them to the sub-conscious. Often these questions arise again at the death of a friend, a relative, or even a famous person. This book takes a look at these questions…

epl smallEffective Prayer Life

Prayer is the most important activity a born-again Christian can engage in. It should head your list of priorities, for certainly the world around us desperately needs prayer. Prayer will open the door for God to do a glorious work in these last days. Prayer will stem the tide of evil. This collection of studies on prayer presents you with certain Scriptures, thoughts, and rules…

tfc smallThe Final Curtain

We are living in extremely exciting days. It’s as if we were backstage at a play feeling the drama and excitement just before the curtain rises for the final act. The director is positioning all the players and seeing that the props are in order before he signals for the curtain to rise. This analogy is apt, for before our very eyes God is positioning nations and current events. The world is ready for the curtain to be lifted for the final act….

ttatc smallThe Tribulation & The Church

There’s a debate in theological circles as to whether or not the Church will be here when God’s wrath is unleashed upon the earth. Many are saying the Church must go through this time period of judgment known as the Great Tribulation. They speak disparagingly of the blessed hope that Christ will come for His Church before God’s judgments are loosed upon the earth. Since they maintain that there’s to be no escape for the Church, they make the prayer Christ encouraged us to pray in Luke 21:36 meaningless. The purpose of this book is to examine the biblical reasons why I feel the Church will not be here during the Great Tribulation…

wtwict smallWhat The World is Coming To

A Commentary on the Book of Revelation by Chuck Smith

tgatg smallThe Gospel of Grace

A Commentary on the Book of Romans by Chuck Smith

tpomocc smallThe Philosophy of Ministry of Calvary Chapel

What, then, is the purpose of His church? To bring glory to God; to be God’s instrument of ministry to the Lord. But also in a secondary sense, the church exists for the edifying or the building up of the saints; to bring the saints into full maturity so that they might engage in the work of the ministry